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Here are some things about me...


Name: Sophorn Cheap (pronounced So-porn)
Nicknames: Porno, Porn Porn, Cheap Porn, Soft Porn, Triple X, Hardcore, Sophorno, Asia's Finest, So-Foreign, Scarface, Saffy, Saffron
Ethnicity: Cambodian(khmer)
Age: 17
Location: Peterborough, Ontario
School: Crestwood
Birthplace: Prachinbury, Thailand
Birthday: May 22, 1988 (I want a gift from everybody that reads this. Money is acceptable)
Status: Taken by Katelyn Laura Toms
History: Born in Thailand moved to Canada I'm here.

Favorite Person: Katelyn Laura Toms
Favorite TV Show: The Dave Chappelle Show
Favorite Movie: Training Day and About a Boy
Favorite Song: One Mic - NaS
Favorite Video Game:  Madden NFL 2005
Favorite Comic Book Superhero : Spiderman
Favorite Book:
The Emmitt Zone
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Hockey Team:  Toronto Maple Leafs
Favorite Fooball Team: Minnesota Vikings
Favorite Basketball Team:  New Jersey Nets
Favorite Baseball Team: Boston Red Sox
Favorite Soccer Team: Italy(international) Inter Milan(league)
Favorite Boxer: Roy Jones Jr.
Favourite Singer/Rapper: NaS & Jay-Z
Favourite Actor: Denzel Washington
Favourite Actress: Angelina Jolie
Favorite Food: Rice
Favorite Person: Katelyn Laura Toms