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Kate aka Hilary Duff's Twin - Hey Kate, you're the best, lol. Funny times on that fateful Thursday afternoon, lol. I say, "Wait. Timeout, timeout.....Timeout." You say, "Timeout for what?!" and I reply, "Wait.....timeout." LMAO. Good times. Hope you had a great b-day without me. Sorry I couldn't be at school that day to give you the Crink Crink. I'll get it to you after the holidays. Mmmmm....the holidays. The time when I can stick my candle into your cake ;) or....the time when I can stuff my Christmas tree up your Angel ;);) or....the time when you can suck on my candy cane ;);):D LOL. You're the best Kate, we need to do some "extra-curricular activities" more often during school. :D Oh and umm....TIMEOUT.
100% me and 0% you :D



Megan aka Meg-O - I've finally changed your picture. What was wrong with the other one? I think it was a good picture of you. This is a good picture of you too, but I didn't want to put it on because Rob was in the picture too, which means I have to write something for him too and I'm lazy, so you get my point. But, because I switched the picture and Rob is in it, I have to write something for him. So.....
Rob aka Gouge - I hate you Rob...because I'm asian. And I know you're afraid of us(asians). You better sleep with an eye open tonight. Or check for your wallet every 10 seconds, cuz I know that you know that asians steal. Even though we don't. But just because you think that, I'll do it anyway. So, I never got around to kicking your ass a couple summers ago. I know I promised and everything, but I guess I got lazy. I'll make it up to you somehow. But for now, I've got nothing, so I'm done typing this shoutout for ya. So, stay black, fight the power, and lose some damn weight.

Maliza aka Liza - 2005 New Year's Party was shitty Maliza...I'm never going to party with you again. How much did you have that night? A cup of Alize and the NECK of a Bacardi Breezer. That's weak. LOL. But I guess it was still fun. Except for the walking down the highway part of the night...On to another subject....Channtha's house. You suck ass at Asshole and boxing. Learn how to count the number of cards in your hand before accusing somebody of cheating. LOL. Your stupidity makes me laugh. Good times.



Pat aka Whitey aka Python - We've had some good times together, you, me and Jay. The Triangle Offense. Scouting for speedball, summer school, and planning trips that we never go on.  But next summer, I'm gonna plan the trip to Wonderland again, and everybody's gonna go this time. Speedball season (The Dynasty forever) is halfway through and I hope we finish with a 2-2 record. If not, meh, we still make quarter-finals. And we still have next year where we'll be seniors and we'll dominate at speedball (I hope). And we'll win the Speedball championship (every man's dream). I think this is enough things to talk about so I'll see you at school if you don't sleep in.

Pat (left) - You're the man Pat. You're the coolest guy ever. When you read this, I'm not saying this because I'm sucking up to you so that you can drive me home after school everyday. I'm saying it because you'
Jason (right) aka Froggy aka Jay - Football, speedball, track, lunch break, Madden 2005, and careers/civics class. These are the only things we've ever had a chance to hangout. And this summer, when I plan the trip for Wonderland, you better be home when I call. Grade 11 should be fun. We won't have any classes together cause of the damn PLD class but it's all good. We can still hang out after school, if we ever do. I'm getting tired cause it's 2am. So I'm out.


Benjamin aka Mack-man aka Ben-Jay - You're one of the coolest guy I know. Funny too. Everybody should love you man cause you're my nizzle fo' shizzle. I remember your civics assignment you showed me "The Crib of Parliament and the Nizzles That Work There" Some funny shit. You're the best man. Good times at your cottage (50 ft. jumping rock's the best) We've gotta do it again next summer. Keep it real playa. And throw that Pink Floyd shit out and get back to the real shit. You can't be listening to both man, it just ain't right. But keep pimpin' it playa...BECAUSE I"M ASIAN. And my car's going to shitty, but it'll be really cool...'CAUSE I'M ASIAN. lol.
Just a bit of advice, "When a 'fish' is biting, you better reel that muthafucka in."

Nikki - I remember when you came to James Strath, I came out for recess and there was a big group around you and I thought there was a fight so I ran to it. LOL. We have some good memories together. Like, Pirates of the Carribean, sorry I wasn't acting like a gentlemen, I was a dumbass. And the night you, Tracey, Jem, and Alyssa went joy-riding and got me to come along. Tracey's one hell of a driver. I'm never gonna get into the car when Tracey's driving. Good time. And I heard you could shake your ass when you dance. That's a good skill. Some good times.



Missy aka Misso aka Melissa - MISSY!!!!!!!!!!! WHY THE HELL DID YOU LEAVE CRESTWOOD TO GO TO KENNER? You are the most retarded person I know. You disappoint me. I thought you were a cool/lesbian/caucasian person. But I was wrong. You're almost opposite of everything listed. You're not cool (cuz you go to Kenner, *dirt*). You're not a lesbian (boo!). And you're native (That makes you ok, cuz you get things tax-free). And thanks for purring like an "indian kitty" for me. LMAO. It made my day. We need to hang out more often. I can share some "poetry fuel" with you. Record another song. The other song is great, but it's getting old. START SINGING!!!!! Remember to keep that hair long too, it'll make you more sexy(key word = 'more' *wink* *wink*  LOL. You know you're hot) Get ready for the summer, because I'll be setting up another date for Wonderland. This year it'll work. I'm so sure it'll work this time. And what the hell are you doing in the picture?

Angel of Mine - Missy

Elizabeth aka Lizzie aka Liz - Liz, good conversations in Anthro, I barely talk in that class, but when I do, it's with you. And if I don't talk at all, it's probably because I'm at home sleeping in my bed 'cause i was too damn lazy to get up...Thanks for the customer hook-ups, it feels good to make money, 'cause I'm a pimp now. I'm the Scarface of Crestwood. And the biggest asian in Crestwood. What ever happened to that porn movie that me, you, Doug, Jade, and Kris were talking about (The one where I come in, whip out my dick and smack everybody in the room with it). We need to start production on that movie soon... And what happened to your breakdancing classes? I need you to know how to breakdance so that you can join me in the talent show next year. I'm gonna be poppin' & lockin' the hell out of Crestwood. B-Boy style.

Heather - You're the coolest loser in the world. You're also a stoner, j/k....or am I? But it's been real fun chatting with you on msn. We don't have any real fun moments to think about because we've never actually hung out. Except for when I went to Haley's place with Missy and I met you there...but you probably don't remember that 'cause you were stoned out of your mind, j/k....or when we watched the soccer semi's, but we didn't talk much 'cause it was so fuckin' cold. So we don't really have a lot of memories. Oh, another good time was when I found out I missed my chance with you...that's a memory I'll remember because I learned something from that. ALWAYS TRUST A WHITE MAN WHEN HE TELLS YOU TO DO SOMETHING. LOL. I'm gonna stop writing now, 'cause I'm getting tired and I wanna give a shoutout to as many people as I can tonight. So I'm done

Jade aka Jadelyn aka Brace-Face(lol, j/k) - So, how are the braces treating you? Once I see them, I am going to make fun of you until you cry. LOL. Just kidding. There's nothing wrong with braces. Some people actually look pretty good with them on, and then look better when they get them off. I want you to know that when I make fun of you about the braces,  it's not because of the braces, it's because it's you. You might hate me, but I'll know that your hatred is only temporary. Because who can truly hate me? I'm asian. Nobody hates the asian race. NOBODY. We're like the lovable race. We haven't done anything wrong except possess weapons of mass destruction(China) But what rich country doesn't have WoMD? (Besides Canada...we're rich and french)...bombed Pearl Harbour and supported the Nazi's(Japan)...and committed a genocide in its own country(Cambodia)...You also can't hate me because I have finally written something down for your shoutout. But I'm done now, cuz it looks pretty long. So I'm out.....NICE FACE. LMAO.



Lyndse aka Lyn - you're a good friend and we have some good memories together. Like Phantom Farm. I thought I had the whole transportion crap planned out, but I forgot about ride back. And you were really scared. LOL. I thought it was alrite but it wasn't scary. I remember walking to Maliza's house with you and Jessie, that was one hell of a walk. It was so fuckin' long. And when I saw you at the festival, you should've told me it was you walking behind me and my friends. Some good times.

Emily aka Em - Even though we've been going to the same school for nearly 9 months, I've only seen you a couple times. The 1st was at one of our track practices when we were practicing relay hand-offs with imaginary batons. I don't know how I could not see you in the halls at school. But it's all good cuz we've finally met. You're a great runner. Remember that you have to teach me how to spin on skates cuz that is some crazy shiz-nit. I hope you like the replacement picture. LOL.



Jayme aka J-Dawg - I've only known you for a couple days but you seem like a great person. I like your gangsta style, pimpin' style, and the dance you had to do cause the Leafs beat the Sens in game 3. We've had some good times over the past couple days. Hopin' to have some more.

Tyler aka Kemper aka Ty - I've known you since grade 3 man. We always hung out until you moved to Apsley, you Apsley piece of shit. Just playin'. You're the best skater I know man. And the best artist too, well, second to me. Just kiddin' again. Stop being a dumbass and try to transfer back to Crestwood, the greatest public highschool in the world. Only shitty-ass bitches go to Lakefield Highschool, so you better get your ass back at Crestwood. And sometime, when we hang out, I'll have to hook you up with one of my ho's. Cause you know I got ho's in different area codes. LOL. And if you've got some drawings you want me to put up on here, you tell me, and it'll be up. I'm out. 



Carrie (right) - We haven't hung out much but we talk a lot on MSN. And we've been in a lot of classes together since grade 8. But we never really talked unless we're on MSN. It's weird. We still have graduation day to remember. And when I need some alcohol, you'll be the second one I'll call to get me some.
Trisha (left) aka Trish - Just like Carrie, we haven't hung out much either, we don't talk much on MSN too. We've been in a couple classes too. I can't write much cause we don't have many memories, but if I can think of some things then I'll write it up right away. Sorry


Ashley aka Ash -

Mike -  "Heeeeeeey"  *lifts shirt as girls walk by* lol. We're a good combo when we're messin' with the grade 9 and 10 girls. Summer school was fun. Boring as hell, but fun during the break as the four of us (Mike, Ami, Pat, & Me) stood in the hall doing nothing. Oh ya, you're a racist bastard too....but so is everybody else, so I can't blame you.



Amie aka Hilbitch - I'm not sure if that's a real nickname, but I remember you tod me a story about it. So, anthro was fun. I wasn't in it much, but I passed it, so it was fun for me :D.  So, I hope this shoutout meets your expectations. It's not really exciting. It seems boring. We need to hit up a party and get shit-faced so that I can have something fun to type about. So until then, I'm going to leave this shoutout as it is. But before I do that, I need to ask. What the hell is with your face? LOL...I hope you were hammered when you made that face. And.....
   ...STOP SMOKING!!!!

Keith aka Keeth - I've known you since grade 4, even though I came to Kawartha Heights when we were in grade 3. I also remember in grade 5 when you got your ass kicked by Steve Munroe. Funny shit. I tried to back you up but Andrew was holdin' me back and he was my friend too (why was he helping Steve?). But you know I had your back last year against that fag from Ottawa. I forgot his name. But I kicked his ass for you, so you know I have your back man. B-ballin' on your driveways fun. Good times


Diane -

Brandon Hachey (left)
Brandon Spooner (right)



Brendan (left) -
Matt (right) -

Derek aka Wideman



Brad (left) - SO DAMN TALL.
Brandon Bigelow (right)

Jesse aka Park'C



Andrew aka Heffy -

Chante -


Kris -

Allison -


Matt aka Georgie - Ok Matt, here's your shoutout. When I go on your website, there's a picture of our 2004 Track team, and as soon as I looked at it, I picked myself out cause I'm the only kid of colour in it... I love being asian. Asian Pride For Life My Giant White George... Nice picture, you're a big PIMP my h-dawg from the p-dot...

Jamie -



Meghan aka Meg -

Laura aka My brother's girlfriend  -
Sophea aka My sister -



John aka My Brother -

Anna aka Tangerine Dream -



Jake aka Tucker -