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The writer of these writings is a good friend of mine and I'd like to show the writer's work to the world. The poet is Missy
I think these writings are amazing and you have an amazing and powerful gift. Because everybody knows that the 'pen is mightier than the sword' or as Sean Connery would say 'penis mightier' (if you don't get the joke, it's from Saturday Night Live: Celebrity Jeopardy)


Black Paint

Rocking in broken chairs, her many different smiles masking her real emotions. People questioning things they shouldn’t and hearing answers about going to hell and back. Decaying roses and long black hair, what the fuck is going on here? Bracelets and ink covering the scars that prove she once lived. Walls of poetry and black paint. Boxes of past loves and good memories that she’ll soon enough forget, because she needs to. Watch her while the safety pin goes in, is this girl going to be okay? I doubt we’ll ever know. He’ll never know that she loved him. She never tried to tell him, because he threw everything into the sky, and watched it rot away. Her mother won’t care, because they never talked anyway. Her mother just watched her fall apart and fall away. As will the rest of the world, and they’ll never question why.

                                                                  - Missy Knott


Nothing Beautiful

Lately, I've been getting high just from feeling
The world around me is slowly closing in
because I don't like the way things are
looking tonight.
And the stars up there,
they're spinning and getting dimmer and
They're pointless now.
(There's no point to their beauty,
when I can't look at them with you.)
So inhale, hold me, and forget everything
that makes you how you are.

   - Missy Knott



And we breathe the smoke & swallow the alcohol and somehow we laugh at nothing & forget about everything. Pull me close and kiss me & forget my name, and why you saw me, we don't care anymore you're nothing but an intoxication. Our lungs are full and our eyes are empty and people stare into my eyes and get lost, they say they're beautiful, but I hate how it's so easy to get to me. I wear my heart on my sleeve, & you carved it up, and served it to be on a silver platter, try to glue the pieces back together, but glue, like everything else, ages and deteriorates, and we're once again left with nothing but a shell of what was once there. Funny how it all feels alright...

   - Missy Knott


Somebody's Favourite

I’d love to feel you breathing
  Or hear you screaming…
  Either one would do.
  Your eyes and smile
   They drove me absolutely insane
    And here I am the one left crying.
 When the sun comes up,
   I hope I forget you…
  Otherwise, I’ll die of heartbreak.
   (Please tell me you don’t want that)
    I hope, one day, you’ll bring me back
    A rose half alive…
 To symbolize that night we had.
  I’d hide it away in the attic,
  Where I’ve left everything that has ever
    meant something to me…
 To rot. 
And here I am shaking,
      Hoping you’ll come back to claim me…
And I’ll wait, and wait…
  Even though I know you don’t want to,
    And you will never come back to me.

- Missy Knott



You make the stars fall,

Burning holes everywhere they land.

Its just me, you and that beautiful purple sky.

(the black glowing stars are burning our

interlocked fingers

to ashes)

and I just broke both my arms

from falling to the ground

in love with you.

                                                                  - Missy Knott



I'm a heart cut out of thin, white paper. Feeble & fragile. Much like a leaf soaked from the rain. Made from the same material that can be seen through when slanted at a certain angle towards the sun. Torn from being in too many careless hands.

& I sit here whispering in the wind, hoping someone will hear. I must be singing in a language only I can understand, but I'll keep whistling, in hopes that someone will know what I'm saying.

But I can't keep hoping in something that may never happen. I can not chase after something if it wants to be free, kind of like glittering butterflies that flutter away when you get near.

So I'll stand here with open hands, palms in the sky, waiting for you to fly back to me.

                                                                 - Missy Knott


Broken Sentences

I want to surround myself with pretty words because that's the next best thing to having you in my arms. The curtains are drawn to prevent any sunlight from staining my scarred skin. (I deserve every bit of this pain.) My fringe is swept over my face in a desperate bid to hide my eyes that are begging for you to come back. (I don't want you knowing how much I really care.)
The seconds keep melting away & I'm scared I'm going to disappear with them. Looking at that photo of you only made me miss you more, and the me I was back then, because of you. (The me I want to be again.) I'll wrap a blanket of longing, woven into broken sentences, around me & wipe away the months. The tears. The memories.
(Because I yearn to make more, but only with you.)

                                                                  - Missy Knott


Lost souls and brave eyes.
Imagination running wild,
So wild.
Unable to grab a hold of
What’s right there
In front of my eyes.
I ask myself why,
Over and over I ask.
And the answer is clear.
Why hadn’t I paid attention before?
It’s because something
Is missing from my life
And without that someone
I’m lost.
There’s no way possible I’ll ever be okay.
I can’t move on.
His dark eyes and soft face
Could never compare
To that sea of green,
Those sweet lips that kept me warm
During the cold winter nights
We once spent holding each other.
It’s funny sitting here alone,
Thinking about you
Knowing your only thinking of her
And all you hear now is her voice,
You ignore mine; I always knew you once would.
I picture you two together
And wonder how I could have let you slip away.
I picture you alone,
And wonder why I’m not there holding you…
Maybe in time, I’ll forget like I always wanted to
And I’ll be okay without you.
Or maybe this is fate testing us
Maybe we do belong,
Like we always knew we did.
                                                                 - Missy Knott

Untitled #1

Promise me that every day spent with you
will be a day full of sunrises and sunsets
that my sky will be filled to the brim
with the most beautiful colours that the earth has to offer
promise me that every cloud that hangs above us
will contain a certain kind of rain
which, in every droplet, contains a star
plucked from the sky to cover us both in heaven
promise me that every blade of grass
upon which we lay in the warm afternoons,
will be strong enough to support our weight
and not permit us to fall beneath the surface
promise me, finally, that your precious head
rests upon my shoulder when you're exhausted
that your beautiful lips and dizzying eyes
never leave mine.
- Missy Knott


Untitled #2

There in the wind
stands a girl,
whose face cannot be seen.
She hides in the dark,
from the pain this world presents.

The blood drips from her arms,
as she tries to cover the scars.
They tell the true story
of how she's never faced reality,
and how she's never loved anything more than these dreams she has.

The tears flow from her eyes,
staining her cheeks,
and drying her soul.
Her heart has turned cold,
and she's unable to feel.

Her emotions are carried away with the wind,
as the breeze is a reminder that nothing has changed,
and it never will.

- Missy Knott


Untitled #3

It's all in the past now...
each & every moment spent together,
is nothing but a memory.
Watch me fade into the unknown,
watch me retrace every scar on my wrist...
Do you need me anymore?
Did you ever need me at all?
No, i knew it all along.
Every memory, i'm throwing to the sky...
so the stars, will tell a story,
of how love tore me apart,
but how it was all worth it.
burn all the pictures,
don't replay any of our songs,
don't watch me as i walk further away...
just forget me, it's that simple.

- Missy Knott


Untitled #4

This heart is yours for the taking. Go on; do what you want with it. Burn it with flames of hatred. Forget it even existed & made you feel something (or forgive it). I don't expect my words to mean much; the damage has been done & now i'm paying the price. I've broken your trust & you have no reason to let me put it back together. (I know I don't deserve you.) ....I'm crying because I think I've lost you. I'm crying because I never really had you(or maybe I did). My guilty eyes have fallen one too many times & all I want is limitless possibilities again. (I've destroyed something that could have been beautiful before it even started)

- Missy Knott


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