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My creative side...

On this page, I'll show off some of my own work. Most of my work is probably gonna be visual crap, like sketches and paintings.

Coming Soon (hopefully)
Alicia Keys





JoJo aka Joanna Levesque
I did this picture in 20 minutes. When I finished it, I thought it looked pretty good. The next day, I looked at it again with the real image, and I thought it looked like shit, and nothing like the real photo. The picture will be finished by the end of the week. Another picture of her will go in the space available on the page.




Nas aka God's Son
This piece is my favourite. It was my grade 9 art exam which had to be a painting. The topic was music so I did my favourite rap artist, NaS. I even got a yearbook page almost all to myself with this piece. This is my first painting so it means a lot to me. I still have this piece, framed and hanging above the head of my bed.

Nas aka Street's Disciple
I did this a few days after Christmas '05. I got Nas's newest album, Street's Disciple, from my brother's girlfriend for Christmas. This picture came as a fold-out poster in the album case. I started drawing this because I was bored and I drew with a pen again. The shading came out pretty well in most parts of the picture. I'll try to get a better picture of it with a better webcam because my webcam sucks ass. And this is my third Nas artwork on the webpage. It's pretty obvious that he's my favourite hip-hop/rap artist.




Nas aka Nasir Jones
This piece was done in stipple form. That means I only used dots to do this picture. I started this piece in grade 8 and I'm still not done. I doubt I'll finish it but if I do, I'll post it up.

Jay-Z aka Shawn Carter aka Jay-Hova aka Jigga-man
This Jay-Z picture is one of my best, I believe. I drew it with a black pencil crayon because I didn't have a pencil again. I was in English class and drew it when we had to watch the Romeo and Juliet movie. The writing of Jay-Z's name took awhile cuz I had to make my own stencils. The shading also wasn't as dark as the real picture.





Meagan Good
Meagan Good. If you don't know her, she's from the 50 Cent's '21 Questions' video and also from the movies, Deliver Us From Eva and Friday. She was the first woman I've drawn and the best one I've drawn so far. I saw a Christina Aguilera sketch on the internet and it inspired me to draw a woman, and Meagan Good was the one I chose.

Memphis Bleek aka Memph
This picture I love because I've always wanted to do a Memphis Bleek picture but could never find a good picture of him until now. I found this great picture of him posing as Jay-Z from the Roc-la-Familia album. The best part of this was his shirt because it was black, s when I got it on the computer, I was able to just colour in the shirt with black using the paint program.




Method Man aka Tical aka Johnny Blaze
Man, this piece is my second favourite (first is the Nas painting). This picture was done in pen because I couldn't find a pencil again(now I really should invest in a lot of pencils). But this picture was done in pen and I was so careful with it because I knew I couldn't erase my mistakes. This is one of my first pictures I've drawn. I drew this in grade 8 but lost it along with my Ja Rule picture.

Ice Cube aka The Gangsta
This sketch was done in my spare time. The picture was from a Source magazine. It's not finished because I still have to draw his hat and body, but I might just leave it the way it is. This is one of my favourite sketch because of how well I shaded this picture.



Redman aka Funk Doc
I remember doing this picture. I was asked by my friend Josh if I would do a Redman picture. So that night I was working out and thought of the perfect picture to draw of Redman. So I grabbed my XXL magazine found the picture and started drawing. I thought it was the best cause he had the chinky eyes which meant he was high like always.

Cam'Ron aka Killa Cam
This sketch was done for fun. I only had a pen so I had to shade it in the way I did. I didn't think it would turn out as well as it did. I did this in grade 9 geography class(Mr. Meek was a great teacher).




DMX aka D
This DMX piece was done for my grade 10 art exam. I didn't finish the art exam because it meant that I'd have to add one small item that had to be painted. I thought it would have ruined the piece so I decided to keep it the way it was. I finished art with an 80%. This is one of my favourites but I admit I made a mistake on his nose.

R.Kelly aka Robert Kelly
This R.Kelly picture was done with a purple sparkly gel pen because I couldn't find a pencil(I should invest more money in pencils). It was done after I saw my brother's girlfriend do the same picture. My brother challenge me to draw it to see who had the better picture. Of course my brother's girlfriend did but I think my picture was pretty good too.



Ja Rule aka Ja
This is a sketch of Ja Rule. Again, I only had a pen so I had to shade it the same way as the Cam'Ron picture. This was done in my free time. This picture was from my sister's Teen magazine I think, or something like that. I don't know why but people keep saying it's Tupac, I don't see any Tupac in this picture besides the way the bandana is tied around Ja's head. Also, I lost this picture.

Scarface aka Tony Montana
This Scarface sketch was one of the easiest things I've drawn but I still love it because of the way they did the cover of the movie with the half black and half white cover. That cover style is what inspired me to do this piece.



Tupac aka Makaveli
One of my favourite pictures that I've drawn. I drew it on a very large piece of paper and I did two dumbass moves with it. The first one was I sold it for only $5 and the second dumbass move was I forgot to sign it at the bottom. One of my favourite piece.

This Mya piece was the first picture I drew in my grade 10 sketch book when I recieved it. It's not one of my best but I know guys like it just because of her hand resting on her breast. LOL.





Juvenile aka Juve the Great
This Juvenile picture was drawn for fun, not too hard, I just like the shading. My friend, Soueng drew this picture first in his sketchbook and after I found the picture in my Source magazine, I decided to draw it. I like the shading under his hat.

Brett Favre
This sketch was done in my grade 10 math class after I stole Jason's football magnet. I didn't have a pencil and people that sat around me didn't have one either, so I had to do this one in pen. It was fun to do and I had to do a free sketch on his left foot cause it was covered up. It turned out well with the pen and I like it.



Hockey Goaltender aka Goalie aka Netminder
This picture was started in my civics class with a permanent marker because I didn't have a pencil, again. It's suppose to be of Evgeni Nabokov, the goaltender for the San Jose Sharks. I decided to not do the logo or face so that it would just be a model of a goalie.

2003 Lexus SC 430
This Lexus was just a picture I found in the Heart & Stroke Foundation ad. I was bored and drew it in my mini sketch book and it came out pretty good.



I don't remember doing this picture. But I know I did it though. It's just Spiderman, nothing really special. It wasn't really hard.

Tracey McGrady aka T-Mac
I did this picture on the corner of a blank piece of paper. I didn't think it would turn out too good cause I was using a pen and wasn't really concentrating. But then it looked pretty good. And becuase I started at the corner of the page, half of his arm didn't show up, so I had to use a different piece of paper to finish up the arm, then I tape the pieces of paper together. That's why the arm with the ball is fucked-up in the middle.



AZN's Finest aka Sophorn
This was a class assignment. We had to make a comic book cover. I used myself as the character. You can tell it's me cuz of the clothes and bracelet. The face doesn't really look like me.

Kanye West aka Kan' Man
To me, this is a bad picture. It doesn't look anything like Kanye. But my friends told me to put it up anyway because to them it looked good. The side of his face is white cuz of the lighting in the photo. So don't think that I didn't finish the picture.



Model from a magazine
Did this in grade 8. Nothing really special. The head looks fucked up cuz of the hat.

Sketchbook cover
We had to do something with the cover of our sketchbooks in art class, so I used white-out and drew this guy. I got the face from the So-So-Def picture and I took out the necklce and added my name instead of 'So-So-Def" I think it looks pretty cool.



H2 Hummer
I did this in grade 8. I was talking to Corey Grimes on MSN one night and he asked me to draw him a picture of something on the computer. I told him I would but he had to find a picture for me to draw. He chose the H2 Hummer picture. I started off and every five minutes I would send him what I had, so he would have many pictures of the hummer between the time I was drawing it. It took me about half an hour and this is what I finished. I admit I fucked up on the colouring and the rims.

Graffiti (Pornstar)
This piece was done during the summer before I was in grade 9. Wasn't really sure what I was doing with the graffiti-style. I guess it came out good, but I don't like the colour. And the ho sitting next to it was alright not the best drawing I've done of a woman. And she's suppose to be leaning on a motorcycle or something, but I didn't want to draw it so I left it out. So she might look funny.