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These poems were written by a friend I've known for about 7 years.
His name is Kade Davies. It wasn't 'til awhile ago that I found out about his poems and his love for writing. He's won writing contests, been invited to read his poems in different cities, and some of his poems were even published in a book(I'll get the name of the book later). So I'm posting some of his work up to show people his wonderful talent. "Penis mightier"


A Kid's Pain

To All the Children of the Wars to Come

We sat in twilight looking at the sky.
The planes soared by, and we smiled it all away.
They dropped across the lake and then it went silent.
Firecrackers and caps were what came to mind.
and the screams of the villagers as those cowards
made a new home was like hearing a kid after a scraped knee.
I stood up and tears ran down my face in unison
as the girls trying to escape, they don't have anything left.
I took some steps towards the scene, they attacked again
they followed their scheme. We stand parlayed. I can't
help but scream, and cry, and I want to die. And I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, that your world won't be normal, and I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, you're worlds been totaled


Nameless Numbness
I work with what I'm giving every second
Everyday. I help myself to poverty and I have
No one else to blame. I stand in a crowd for
A countless time of an unknown duration of A
Guilty Crime. And it's all your fault. But
Who am I talking to when there's no one there
To listen to the rantings a man gone mad?

I'm nameless, numbness, befounded, I'm the
embodyment of dumbness. I'm a crusader for
Rights, for wrongs, for anything else I can
Make myself believe.

I'm nameless, numbness, a lord of no land, A
General in a war full of guns loaded with
Viral Bombs, and vaccines costing millions.

I'm the lucky one. We should all be so lucky
To be nameless, numbness, the befounded.
But you're already the embodyment of dumbness
- Kade Davies
Ballad of a Love Song
The rhythm flows, this day again. Thanks to
My reckless abandon, my flawless amends, to
Create the perfect love, of my perfect life.
Contained in a porcelain enclosure, shut out
To the entire world,. A simple existence,
An innocent victim, full of unknown fears.

A phony phonetic expression she mouths to me
Alliteration and empathy she conceals within
Me. An altercation for my worst enemy, a
Unison of my best friend. The worst
Expression, expressed thoroughly, an epitome
Of self worth, lost in it's infinite. An
Endless battle of wits and brilliance, a
Confused existence of perils and turbulence.

All in the bubble, I've molded to your being.
All for the reasons, of you not to be as
Deceiving. As me, as the world, as my mind,
As I hurled, through the time, and my heart,
For the losses of my existence, and the
Ballad Of This Love Song.

- Kade Davies


Seasons of Change

All it did was rain, but it drowned out my
Heart and all it's sorrow, so I'm thankful
So deeply indebt and glad, that I'll never
See the light of tomorrow.

All it did was snow, the bitter cold, and
Stiffness, effected me in ways you'll surely
Never know. Cause you're better off than I am

The wind was unsatiable, and unconquerable so
malacious, so unforgiving, so completely
Miserable, it reminded me of you.

It was so hot and tepid, so incredibly
unbearing I thought that I would give up my
Long and relently journey for a place without
You. But I was wrong, again, as always.
Because in the heat of that night, you came
To me, with sweat pouring and cries crying.

The weather and seasons remind me of you, and
Your prolific attempt to bring my spirits down.

- Kade Davies



I made a spectacle out of the ruins of your amazement;
You still cease to surprise me At every opportune moment,
And I take it for granted. I still feel like you're just the small
Voice inside my head, I still feel like you've got a long way
To go, but I don't acknowledge the lengths you've already
Come, in such a short time, in such a small area, in such an
Awkward little existence, and so I praise you. But even yet,
After so many Ill-fated reenactments, I still find myself
Swimming in your head. I stare at the cloudy glass of its
Ancient chapel, and I turn around and see myself, through
Your eyes. I'm black and white.

-  Kade Davies


Ink Stains

To this day I'm dead inside, so many wasted
Moments, so many spilt drinks, so many
broken hearts, so many memories.

I regret to tell you that I'm sorry for this
letter, while I wrote it I spilled ink on
your carpet, I hope you cherish the stain,
It's my only fading memory, after you read
This I'll be dreaming and I'll never come

To this day I hope to see the way you looked
at me the first day we met on the last day
Of summer twelve long years ago, and now
I'm sunburnt. I'm cracked and aching from
The burn of your eyes, and your indigo shine
That blinds me all the time. So I apologize
For dripping ink on your carpet, in your
Basement where one time, many years ago
We shared a beautiful thing called Love.

- Kade Davies



Copyright 2004 Kade William Davies
No portions of's Poems may be used without expressed, written permission.